Our members will invest in the seed or Series A financing rounds of companies based in Wichita or the Midwest that are in dynamic growth markets, have strong value propositions, a sound business plan, and a strong management team with deep market knowledge. We only seek companies that have the potential to scale and that have a clear path to exit. We do not invest in real estate deals, lifestyle businesses or franchises.

Investment Criteria

We are looking for investments in high-growth seed and early-stage technology companies with the potential to rapidly scale into market leadership resulting in a sustainable competitive advantage. Typical criteria include:

  • A market opportunity large enough to create a business with at least $30 million in annual revenue

  • Disruptive or new-market innovation

  • A compelling, well-articulated strategy for capturing and defending a significant market share

  • Proprietary technology or other strong barrier to entry

  • A strong management team with relevant and successful experience

  • An exit strategy for investors

Our Process

Step 1 - Application
Apply here to submit your application. We highly encourage you to include as much information as possible.  At a minimum, you will need the following documents: Executive Summary, Offering Documents and Pitch Deck. 

Step 2 - Screening Committee

Our Screening Committee will review submitting companies for potential interest. If the components of the business show potential they will be contacted by a member to provide additional details and their application details will be shared with all members.

Step 3 - Presentation at Member Meetings

Companies that pass initial screening will be invited to present a 15-minute PowerPoint presentation at a scheduled monthly meeting. Additional questions and discussion of your company will also be included in this meeting.

Step 4 - Due Diligence Process

If significant interest is shown from members after the presentation, a member will be assigned to lead the due diligence process. We highly encourage you to have a virtual data room set up when you apply.

Step 5 - Investment
After due diligence is completed, interested members will negotiate deal structure and terms with each company.

Step 6 - Post-Deal Stewardship

Accelerate Venture Partners members will be engaged in the ongoing growth and operational execution of the company in many different ways. Portfolio companies will provide regular reporting on status of business.