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Artio Medical delivers innovative medical devices with the potential to provide immediate occlusion of aneurysms and blood vessels.


Bellwethr believes machine learning and AI should be available to anyone, no matter their technical background, by providing AI and machine learning solutions to help clients predict, intervene, and retain customers.

Clara Biotech is the first to offer pure, intact, and functional exosomes to enable medical breakthroughs faster than ever before using their proprietary Exosome Isolation Platform.


CritiTech is a multi-service pharmaceutical Contract Development Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) and Contract Research Organization (CRO) that utilizes two primary technologies to help its customers engineer, formulate and manufacture their drugs – Spray Drying and Supercritical Precipitation.


InnovaPrep has created a portfolio of microbial detection and bio-monitoring products that provide the critical macro-to-micro interface™ between real-world samples and input volumes of modern molecular methods. Their analysis tools are crucial to community pathogen tracking, food production and other vital processes

QuickHire is a career discovery platform for the service economy workforce that provides a better engaged and aligned talent pool for employers


Spinal Simplicity’s suite of Minuteman® medical devices treat complex spinal and orthopedic disorders in three distinct areas: minimally invasive lumbar fusion, cervical fusion, and extremities.


Ten-Nine Technologies is a material science company that has created a revolutionary battery material that has achieved Parity™ with fossil fuels, with applications in both the primary and secondary battery markets.


Tile Five's product is a cloud-based full-suite solution for climbing gyms, fitness studios, and yoga studios. The solution allows members to manage member experiences in a lightweight platform that is a significant improvement vs existing solutions.


Transportant provides a real-time transportation monitoring and analytics solution for school buses. Their technology and service suite is a breakthrough for schools, drivers, students, and parents, improving safety and modernizing student transportation knowledge systems.


Unified is committed to making competitive video games into a healthy, structured and educational sport by providing digital and live esports events to youth through semi-professional players.

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